Starting Flat Tinsel

Written by Robert Verkerk, 2021. Pictures from the Colonel SBS on this website.

Flat tinsel is square. If you want it to start straight, but wrap in a diagonal direction, you have to cut a triangle out of it. If you make this triangle really long, you can do a complete coil of tinsel along the butt before starting to work your way up the body. This is super neat and super sexy.

Study the pictures below.

  • You can clearly see that there is a triangle missing from the tinsel.
  • It has been tied in on the far side of the hook, with the diagonal cut on the bottom.

As always, use well waxed thread.

You tie the tinsel in by the tip, and when it is time to wrap it, you fold it over in such a way that the diagonal cut aligns with the tag or butt. Use your thumbnail to press the fold flat, and carefully wrap the tinsel. The hooklet you created by folding it over, is enough to hold it in place.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.