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Our goal is to offer an unbiased perspective on what a classic Salmon fly really is, and how they were dressed in the different periods of old. Most importantly, because the legacy is worth preserving.


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Some More Features on this Website

Of course you can browse through the menu’s to see what we have to offer, but here is a general overview of our content, for you convenience…

Classic Fly Pattern Database

There are literally hundreds of original patterns listed here. All of them, directly copied from the original books. That means that all listed content, is verified, correct, according to the old descriptions.

Patterns include Kelson, Hale, Traherne, Blacker, Tolfrey, Ephemera, Sandeman, Hearn, Blaine, Wheatley, Hardy, Rogan, Pennell, Pryce Tannat and many, many more..

Original Plates and Artwork

Whenever possible, the pattern descriptions have plates from the old books added to them. There are even several originals from the Fishing Gazette, the old magazine that gave a podium to Francis Francis, Kelson and others. Have you ever even seen what the original Traherne flies were intended to look like?

This website enables you to form your own opinion and do your own interpreting…


The Fishing Gazette: Publishing of the Original Articles and Plates

Every Monday, a new Fishing Gazette article will be added to the Fishing Gazette index, under the Articles menu. Starting with the 18 first ones, “On the Description of Salmon Flies” by George Kelson, where he describes the renowned and notorious Traherne patterns.

Other publications to follow immediately after, with the Childers, Butcher, Jock Scott, Silver Grey, Usk Patterns, several unknown and otherwise undocumented patterns, all with clear copies of the originally published plates and drawings. There is a Halladale Eagle, Brown Eagle, Yellow Eagle and more, with plates, showing a completely different winging method than we are accustomed in these modern times.

A wealth of information is hidden in these Gazette articles, and likely, this is the only place where you will have a chance to find them indexed and categorised.

Truly a must see and must read, for the historically interested classic Salmon fly enthusiast or dresser.

Tutorials and Instructionals

See clear walk-throughs, tutorials and step-by-step instructionals on how to tie married wings, mixed wings, Rogan wings, topping wing, learn how to work with tippets in different traditional manners, make your own wax, see how experts work with Duck feathers and much more…

This website contains a substantial tutorial section.

Materials Gallery

A question that is so often asked, is “when this and that bird is called for, what feather does that mean, and what does it look like”. This website provides answers to all these questions.

There is a substantial gallery with pictures of relevant materials, potential substitutes, information and pictures on the birds and historical descriptions…

Articles and Short Essays

What do I buy when I want to start tying classic Salmon flies? Who tied the Ghost Flies? What colour is Dun?

Tons more of questions will be answered in a continuous flow of information and pictures…

Antiques Gallery and Kelson Collection

First class pictures of original antique flies and a gallery of George Kelson’s original tying materials, original William Blacker flies, Pryce Tannatt, just sign up and dig in 🙂


Thank you for your kind consideration, and hopefully, your support!

Robert Verkerk