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CFT Open Competition 2022

We are proud to announce the new competition, in cooperation with our sponsors Lagartun and Kopter Flies. 

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Washing and Preening and Storage and Quarantine are two subjects I have been meaning to add for a long time now. Finally, I had the inspiration to pull it off. Click on either to visit.

Pre-Tying a Full Feather Wing

This super fun technique give you total freedom to focus on the aesthetics of a fly, rather than struggle with stems and outward curving feathers. Click here to view this all new tutorial.

Kelson Built Wing Tutorial

Get a better understanding of how Kelson managed those crazy flies he depicted in the Salmon fly. The technique is fairly simple, but doesn’t allow any margin for error. Clicker here to have a go of your own.

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Land and Water Plates added to Traherne patterns – GO!
New Tutorial: Full Feather Wing – GO!
Antique Shannon Untied – GO!
New article: Washing and Preening – GO!
New article: Storage and Quarantine – GO!
New Materials Description: Barbary Ostrich – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Kelson Built Wing – GO!
New Quick Guide: Starting Flat Tinsel – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Wool butt – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Setting a Tail and Veil – GO!
New Article: Balance and Proportions Explained – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Tip and Tag – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Perfect Head – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Perfect Herl Head – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Mixed Wings per Tolfrey – GO!
New Step by Step tutorial: Perfect Butt – GO!

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