Kelson Collection

Written by Robert Verkerk, 2018.


Showcase Moved to a Dedicated Website

The Kelson Collection has been a much referenced part of this website for quite some time. Many of you are familiar with the story, how the collection was broken up by its previous owner, and how Stuart Hardy obtained the remains and took the initiative to try and bring this collection back together, as much as possible. It is for this reason, that the story is continuously updating with new information, new finds, and new pictures. To this end, Stuart has decided to create a dedicated homepage, which, of course, has our full support.

Please follow the following link to view the collection, and be sure to check back regularly, as new finds happen almost weekly: The Kelson Collection

What has become known as The Kelson Collection, provides a unique window into the past, a wonderful reference, that consists of a wealth of prime quality, vintage materials, all sorted after category and colour, either bundled or stashed in containers, ready to use.

The three original chests, back together...

The three original chests…